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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Cllr Quent Marshall loves his polo.........when he is not scooting around Brompton Ward.
The other day he was telling the Dame how useful it was to have the British Government giving vast amounts of aid to Argentina-a country he spends much time whacking balls around in.
According to Quent, it helps his relations with Argie polo grandees when he tells them of the largesse of the hard pressed British public. Probably some of it goes on the construction of their world class polo grounds.
Cllr Quent In Action
However, if the Taxpayers Alliance has it's way the gravy train will stop and the funds will go to countries in real need.
So the Dame will risk upsetting Quent by encouraging all of you to sign the petition. This is one bit of overseas aid better spent on some of the most deprived parts of our Rotten Borough.
Sign petition


  1. It is astonishing that we are handing out money to Argentina. I have recently returned and saw no evidence of grinding poverty

  2. The silly Leader of Argentina carps on at the UN about wanting the Falklands back, a place where we lost many lives because of the ridiculous invasion by Argentina, and now we learn that we are giving aid to Argentina!

    What a crazy world we live in. And prats like polo playing Marshall go to this enemy territory to socialise with his mates and rushes around on small horses banging balls into nets. And he did not even go to Eton.

    Time for Cllr Marshall to join the 21st Century and show some solidarity to his fellow citizens

  3. Brompton Ward deserves a more appropriate Councillor than the scooter riding, polo playing, penthouse living, precious boy

  4. woof, woof, darling Q

  5. Cllr MArshall needs to correct his Declaration of Members Interests on the Council Website. It is out of date and incorrect

  6. The life of palyboy Councillors is all about looking good and feeling good. For some strange reason "Boy" Marshall lists employment with UBS AG! Is this correct?

  7. No, it is not...
    He was 'let go' and no works for Coutts. Update your interests Quentin

  8. The queens Bank.....


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