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Saturday, 2 June 2012


 The Dame has heard the most bizarre of stories.Certain senior Conservative councillors have been doing some 'thinking outside the box'(yes, difficult to believe) in an effort to see how they can encourage Pooter Cockell to 'move on'.
The issue they have identified is money. Evidently Pooter, not having made money in the private sector is extremely reluctant to be dislodged from his £130,000 a year non performance related sinecure.
What was the result of the brainstorming? Yes, you guessed it: headhunters.
Pooter Job Hunting
Cllr F. Buxton is one; and Oirish Ahern was married to one. Both have agreed to submit Pooter's cv to see if there any suitable jobs for a man of his 'talents and experience.' One idea floated was that his West African fag selling experience might be useful to former 'bad boy' resident, Ely Calil. 
Evidently they are not unknown to each other and a lucrative 'roving ambassadorial role' for the Calil empire could be on the cards.
So readers, if that one does not play out, what ideas do you have so Pooter can slip into the private sunset? And no...Cllr Palmer, he does not need your career advisory service...


  1. how about working as an assistant to Boys Moylan?

  2. If Cllr Buxton has agreed to take on this job that is extremely encouraging news

  3. After a night of heavy Jubilee imbibing, I awoke this morning to the Radio 4 headline "Mubarak sentenced to life imprisonment"

    For a moment my heart leapt for joy but then I realised that it was not Pooter Mubarak but the other one.

    Oh well....

  4. Retired Chief Executive2 June 2012 at 11:55

    There is a long tradition in Britain of moving seniors into sinecures in their twilight years. Out of harms way and to solve a problem of people promoted beyond their ability.

    Cllr Cockell is still a little young for such a move, but needs must. Something like Chairman of the National Trust, with a grace and favour residence, might take him out of harms way.

  5. How about a funeral director. He looks the part.

  6. He's actually be a success as a Prison Governor somewhere in Syria/Libya/Middle East - he really would be good at it

  7. He's enjoy being a funeral director and may become over-enthusiastic, I wouldn't let him do that. He'd be a good Police person in Dubai

  8. Send him to Japanese Islands, he could gag the earthquakes quite effectively maybe, he'd certainly try

  9. National Trust? Heavens forfend! We need to keep some land and protect some history - he'd be an outcast in the west country, his fumes have reached the nostrils of the real gentry, they are displeased

  10. Can we have some really serious thought here please. Finding the old has been a job is no laughing matter. It is the only way that we can get him out of the Leaders Penthouse.

  11. I will donate a bottle of Cristal to the person who actually finds the old boy a job.

    Councillor Up Yours.

  12. Could someone please let us know... something...anything that he is good at?

  13. Yes, 15:39 sponging off taxpayers

  14. Who can write a CV for him? He is incapable of putting pen to paper.

  15. I understand that Pooter would go to parties at Calil's home.
    As is so wisely said....'one is judged by the company you keep.'
    Calil is a dangerous man to cross....


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