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Friday, 22 June 2012

PRAISE WHERE PRAISE IS DUE...The Dame praises Pooter

There are those of you who delight in mischief making between The Dame and the Leader. Well, this time The Dame will surprise you: she is about to praise him for wholeheartedly getting behind a brilliant community building idea. It is exactly the sort of idea that Rock Feilding-Mellen should have come up. She is hoping that she will be put back on the Mayor Making Invitation List she was so cruelly excluded from!
Good Thinking Leader!
The Mayor of our Borough plays a politically neutral role in his Mayoral age old tradition allowing him to come up with ideas that benefit the entire community- without politics rearing it's ugly head.
Cllr Buckmaster and his Deputy Mayor, Cllr Borwick have come up with a cracking good idea:one which got immediate support from all councillors-Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem.
The Mayor's idea was an award to thank the many in our Borough who had worked hard for their community in this Jubilee/Olympic Year-and to tie into the City Living, Local Life philosophy.
Well done, Mr Mayor and Deputy....a brilliant concept.
It's just the sort of initiative that binds councillors of all political persuasions together. For once, The Dame congratulates Cllr Cockell for giving his unwavering support to the idea.
But let's not just leave this brainwave to our councillors....let us all think of someone we know deserving of recognition and send his/her name to the Mayor's Office.
Blinged Up Mayor


  1. I suppose the Dame thinks she will get a ride in the Bentley! You disappoint me easily bought

  2. I understand that there is only one nomination - Dame Hornet. Well done.

  3. I understand that this idea was conceptualised by Cockell and Feilding Mellen and that the Mayor and Deputy are trying to claim the glory for the idea.

  4. Dame. Clearly untrue. Neither Pooter nor Rocky have 'ideas'. Sounds as if Up Yours has returned from the dead.


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