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Monday, 25 June 2012


 The Dame had just returned from a corset fitting at Rigby and Peller when she was handed the Lib Dem's Focus.
It's so enormous the Dame's technical skills don't allow her to upload it.
One could be forgiven for thinking....being would be full of the issues the Dame alludes to her in her 'questions to candidates'.
Not a bit! A quarter of a page is take up with a tribute to Shireen Ritchie and the rest of the front page on how Cllrs Jones and Caruana single-handedly saved Portobello.... nothing about Exhibition Road or South Kensington Station: nothing about rickshaws/supercars and nothing about the degradation of Beauchamp Place. She could have mentioned the need for a crossing on Exhibitionist Rd for the elderly-being a gerontologist-but she does not.
In fact, nothing remotely relevant to the Ward.
She does talk about basement control, but this is an issue all councillors are focused upon being a pan borough nightmare.
The Dame hears that Moya is a good person; someone who does great work with the elderly. But..... whoever put this important communication together seems not to understand Brompton Ward. 
The Ward needs a fighter....sadly Moya does not come across as a fighter, but as a fine lady.


  1. I tend to agree. The Lib Dem Focus is very light on what Moya aims to achieve for residents in Brompton. In fact, basements are not the 'big issue'that they are in Kensington.

  2. Moya is dust already

  3. Why are they wasting their time? The Libs have proved to be the biggest damp squib in K&C since 1066

  4. The Lib Dem cllrs we already do sweet FA to challenge Cockell. At least the Labour Group oppose...something that Caruana seems incapable of


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