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Saturday, 30 June 2012


There are all sorts of madcap schemes for spending our money like water and the Rotten Borough is a master of them all. However, this reported in this week's Private Eye is a winner. Well done Cllr Nick Paget-Brown!


  1. Dear old Nick....what a dickhead!
    Fancy wasting money in this childish way. Grow up Nick and get a proper job

  2. Another piece of Kensington insanity goes down in pith tory. Well done Dame!

  3. As posted previously the Vessel event is part of "The West London Story". Here are some facts:

    "The West London Story is a major new cultural programme for West London and underpins our Cultural Offer for 2012. Building on the Western Wedge partnership across seven West London boroughs, the
    West London Story comprises a four year programme of commissions, residencies, public art and high profile events as part of the Cultural Olympiad."

  4. It makes it appear worse that other councils are throwing our money away and then whine about having no money

  5. Fact: Golborne ward where this charade begins is one of the poorest in London. Whatever will residents there make of fine ladies taking water from the canal and parading it down the towpath? I hope they don't disturb the homeless rough sleepers who are congregating there.

    That stretch of canal is so polluted it has been awarded the lowest possible water quality category, so I hope the fine ladies don't fall in.

    The narrative of taking polluted water from a filthy canal and throwing it into the Thames, which has just been declared unfit for swimming, may be quite other than that intended.

  6. Every so often the sense emerges that we are reliving the last days of the pre-Revolutionary French Court. Such moments are becoming more frequent. With few exceptions, K & C councillors have no interest in the reality of the lives of the majority of those they purport to serve.

    Rather than eat cake in a famine, we are asked to celebrate unfit and stinking water while the local economy is collapsing. Dancing and boozing will continue in Exhibitionist Road.

    One day the music will stop, when the money runs out. History will rightly despise the Hornton Street "aristos." Off with their heads!

  7. Olympic rings of bright water!
    Vessel gets a welcome mention in today's Evening Standard.
    Olympic rings of bright water

  8. I see that there is a comment in the Standard...very funny!

    Anonymous 20 minutes ago
    This appeared in Private Eye as the Eye could not believe that a cash strapped council, cutting services could waste money in this way. The two artists are now intending to bottle samples of councillor's urine and exhibit as 'Taking the P**s!
    You could not make it up

  9. How can these cuts have gone under the radar £950,000 from home care service that leaves how many people vulnerable? Could we have the names of the services that have faced these cuts.

    £100,000 cuts to play services, doesn't bode well for children who cannot be taken to their second homes during holiday times or who rarely get out to play.

    £279,000 cuts to schools sports there goes the health of the future generation we expect to pick up this mess.

    The political parties can all lay the blame for this on each others doors but not one party questioned where labour got the funding to develop schools for the future or any of the other drivers that have made a difference for vulnerable families. I do not agree that we should have this financial mess we find ourselves in but who ever questioned what was happening. Instead local authorities took money without any questioning, so they are all as culpable as each other.

    Right now they choose to target the most vulnerable people, with cameron talking about a sense of shame in parliament, whilst his party hit the elderly and the disabled who don't have a strong voice...that's bullying to me.

  10. Not to mention the cuts to funding full time places in highly oversubscribed and outstanding nursery schools with threat of imminent closure. Not appointing head teachers and not caring about giving ALL children an equal opportunity for a successful start to their education


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