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Friday, 8 June 2012

£5,000 Public Space Art!

 Can this be true? A reader trills to the Dame that the hideously ugly dustbin below, gradually populating our elegant streets costs nearly £5000 a pop.
The only person who can remotely think it elegant, or consonant with our elegant Borough, is Cllr Moylan. It is exactly what one expects to see in some hideous Midlands shopping concourse, but not HERE.

Ironic that Moylan lectures the Prince of Wales on aesthetics, yet thinks this dustbin appropriate. Frankly, the BT Broadband cabinet looks better.

But the real point is this... none of the councillors making these decisions have ever run a business, so frittering away our hard earned money on expensive junk like this comes easily.

£5,000 on this? It can't be true


  1. can an officer spill the beans on this one?

  2. Spending tax payers money in this way is an affront to all right thinking people. It is as absurd and out of touch as the decision in Hornton Street to deny K&C users the benefits of fast broadband because the "BT cabinets are ugly".

    Vibrant society has always embraced change to celebrate technology. When the car came we built roads. When the flush toilet came we built sewers. When the telephone came we built telegraph poles.

    But the menaces in the Cockell Administration know better. Playing with the power of dictatorship, Canute like, they decide that fast broadband is not for the muppets of K&C

    But tarting up Exhibition Rd with £5,000 dustbins looks the part.


  3. It is a sure sign of a decayed Administration when the pigmies of Hornton Street take on a technology company like BT at their own game.

    It will end in tears.

  4. Plastic bins of the same size are made by Adidas and sell at Tesco for £8.99

  5. This abuse is impossible to stop. We have to pay our taxes or go to jail. The Councillors could not care less, they get their SRAs and know that they have to keep quiet to hold on to their hush money. Officers have to do what they are told. The Opposition is useless. And a few profligate egos run the show.

    A busted democracy

  6. £5,000 is not significant when compared with the overall annual budget of £700 million for the Borough. And this is a Council that spends on a grand scale. For example £100 million to rebuild Holland Park School when (according to Govt statistics) the benchmark cost of a new school is £25 million.

    Cockell's K&C is up there with Marcos, Gadafi and Mubarak. And we know what happened to them

  7. $600 for a dinner for two in New York is even more insignificant

  8. But is does become highly significanr when you find out that there are probably hundreds being bought!


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