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Thursday, 21 June 2012


The Dame is cross with Stephen...
He is quoted in the Standard thus...  "I didn’t expect that there was an expectation that the Commissioner attended every police and crime committee"

Maybe not EVERY meeting, but surely your FIRST!
Incidentally, The Dame wants to know whether Stephen, Eric Pickles and Lord Strathclyde, the philandering boss of the Lords, are related...They are all VAST! 
One could be forgiven for thinking that they have been entertained too much by Dear Leader Pooter Cockell..... 
The Dame is planning a 'Guess Their Weight Competition'...
Lord Salisbury has offered one of his Prize pigs to the winner.......
"The first meeting by London’s new Deputy Mayor for Policing descended into chaos today after he admitted he had told Scotland Yard Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe not to attend.
London Assembly members were given just eight minutes’ warning that the Commissioner would not be available to answer questions at Stephen Greenhalgh’s first police and crime committee meeting.
Former Hammersmith council leader Mr Greenhalgh, who was appointed by Boris Johnson three weeks ago, said he had instructed Mr Hogan-Howe not to attend the meeting because he thought he was too busy.
He said: “I’m very new to the job… I didn’t expect that there was an expectation that the Commissioner attended every police and crime committee… I think his primary role is to keep London safe.”





  1. Greenhalgh is a jungle fighter. He is sending out a message to the Mersey man

    It will have been received loud and clear.

  2. My guess is that one of the things that Greenhalgh will do is turn down the wick on the Talking Shops at City Hall. Too many armchair strategists, crime experts, transport supremos and twerps. People who never achieved anything in life. Never made a difference to anything. And probably never will.

    When Greenhalgh is finished there we should make room for him in Hornton Street

  3. The Dame should not be cross with Stephen. He never had too much time for time waters and the jaw jaw crowd. He gets on with things.

  4. Watch this Deputy Mayor. Quite a few egg shells are about to be broken

  5. Dunno about the politics, but morbidly obese women are rarely seen in positions of power.

  6. Greenhalgh is a monster.
    He cut the services for vulnerable people in H and F to nothing and sold off loads of Council buildings just so that he could keep Council Tax down. Shame on him!

  7. These people don't know the meaning of "shame."

  8. Clearly size does matter in the Conservative Party and they all look as if they have been enjoying the hospitality of Pooter courtesy of the K&C council taxpayers.

  9. No one who witnessed Greenhalgh's lamentable performance yesterday could fail to be shocked not only by his lack of judgement but also by his discourtesy to the committee in failing to read his papers. He has let down not only himself but the Mayor who made the mistake of appointing him. He should seriously consider his position.

  10. From the Standard...Talk about making a virtue out of a fat unbriefed idiot!

    Johnson needs to know when to keep quiet.

    “Boris Johnson today said that the fact his new Deputy Mayor for Policing admitted he has not been briefed on Olympic security showed “refreshing candour”.
    The Mayor came out in support of under-fire Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh, who was embarrassed at a chaotic City Hall meeting yesterday as he repeatedly confessed he was “no expert” on policing.
    Mr Greenhalgh was slammed by angry Assembly members after revealing that he had told Scotland Yard Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe not to attend the meeting because he was too busy.
    Speaking to Nick Ferrari today on LBC radio Mr Johnson gave former Hammersmith council leader Mr Greenhalgh his firm backing and said that he was pleased he had admitted his lack of knowledge of policing matters and Olympic security.
    Mr Johnson said: “He of course knows about security. What it perhaps shows is a refreshing candour from someone that where there are briefs he still needs to have he is willing to say... unlike many other politicians who bluster and pretend to have the information that they don’t have. He’s just joined... I think he’s going to do a fantastic job.”


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