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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Conservative Brompton Ward


  1. I am a Conservative voter Abbass. You seem a nice chap, but why don't you tell us your job etc. I think I won't vote Conservative this time as I am unhappy with the way the Council is splurging our money.
    Also time the Leader went

  2. I am not a Conservative voter and having met Abbass I think I will vote for him

  3. But what do you know about him: aprat from his being a mate of yours hahahha

  4. Sad to say abbas seems to want to join the playboys' playground with his mates. Just goes to parties stands for nothing like the other two.

  5. On Monday the Dame will be distributing her Hornet to all her enthusiastic Brompton resident reader with a list of questions they might feel inclined to ask each candidate


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