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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Hornet's value to residents is proven by her ever expanding readership. Today, over 100,000 unique visitors have discovered more about a council thriving on secrecy. In the absence of any of other information source the Dame is there with all the news: all the news 'they don't want you to hear'.

Breaking through the wall of secrecy
But more needs doing to inform residents. This is where the Dame begs for help from the chairmen and officers of the 190 or so Borough resident associations and amenity groups. 
Please let your members know about the Hornet... maybe by mailing the website link to members or, perhaps, including it in your literature.
If you could also pass this message to neighbouring associations you will be doing much to keep this council on it's toes. So the message is 'spread the message'!
The Dame is very impressed with this excellent site...well worth bookmarking grenfellactiongroup This is a residents group fighting it's corner with skill and dynamism. Well done and good luck!

The Dame's influence depends on you...please help her help you.

Owl has left a new comment on your post "TOT BRILL GIVEN £1 MILLION TO PLAY WITH!":

One thing that has become clear from the Dame's fearless campaigning is that the vast majority of residents do not have the first clue about what is going on and how their money is being spent.

The first line of defense, the Ward Councillors, has failed the Borough. They are not a conduit of information and opinion. They merely toe the line. It is time for the second line of defense to be activated: the Resident Associations and their members.

There are about 190 Associations in the Borough. Each with a Chairman, Committee, paid up members and mailing lists. These Chairman could do democracy a huge favour by urging their members to read and blog on the Hornet. A quiet word with the Dame would no doubt convince her to include membership lists in her growing distribution. 


  1. This is a very serious Call To Action from the Dame. Association Chairmen should consider it very seriously

  2. Hornet has built an impressive readership in the last couple of years. And the feedback loop is that change is taking place in the Town Hall as a result of the Dame's sleuthing. American jollies and rides in the Bentley are a thing of the past for the Leader, Cllr Cockell

    But now the time has come for the Resident Associations to embrace a mechanism that can work for them and make their concerns heard and understood in the Town Hall. Something that has eluded most Associations, if not all, in living memory

  3. Unfortunately, in some cases, residents will have to circumvent the moribund leadership of their associations. They will have to find alternative ways of spreading the word that The Dame has come amongst us to give the beleaguered people of the Rotten Borough a glimpse of real Democracy. This may be necessary, because for years the Council has done its best to subsume residents associations into its political machine.


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