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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


At long last....recognition!

The Dame has been invited by Pooter to give a keynote address to councillors on how to 'engage', via the internet, with residents. A better idea would be to ask Cllr Coleridge to give this advice. The Dame has been very impressed by Coleridge's determined efforts to engage with residents in Northern parts of the Borough...not through the unread and expensive Royal Borer propaganda sheet...but by physically meeting and talking to residents. He is one of the few Cabinet members to actually reply to resident's letters. Well done, Cllr Coleridge.
Senior councillors have seen the Dame become a useful source of information to residents....they clearly plan to compete with her!
With over 100,000 (and rising) Unique Visitors the Dame's Hornet is the ' way to go".
Come along on the 27th June and hear the Dame tell councillors 'How It's Done' 


  1. Congratulations will be a great draw. What time will you be speaking?

  2. Is the Dame invited to this? Sounds very odd and a complete about turn - Cllr Cockell has forbidden Conservative Councillors and Officers to read the Hornet or make comments.

  3. Cockell has always said one thing and done another so no surprises there.

  4. Dear Dame, I'm sure this event is very worthy, but their statistics are totally inaccurate. The figure of '91% have online access' is a figment of the PR team's imagination. If you check the ONS figures on this, they state that 91% HAVE BEEN online, at some point, NOT that 91% have access at home or elsewhere.

    Before Councillors shift all their efforts they must understand that many residents could be left behind and will always need personal visits, meetings and leaflets, especially in the poorer north where estimates are that cc50% do not have broadband at home.

    Perhaps you could point this out in your talk, and that training and access to cheap broadband are needed ... and that a bit of competition in broadband suppliers is essential!

    Everyone listens to you Dame, you are a shining example of how (if I may) older residents can empower themselves via the internet.

  5. 08.22, yes indeed Conservative Councillors and officers have been forbidden etc, interesting how it just makes them all the more determined to read Hornet and comment!

    Another example of very poor judgement on the part of Cockell, his edict has rebounded, silly man.

  6. I hope the Dame will reject the invitation. Why should she want to give away the secrets of her success.
    Reject Pooter's blandishments. He is clearly trying to get close to your fragrant body

  7. Tow points in this thread

    (i) the Dame should beware the Trojan Horse - but she is well versed in the world of affairs and surprisingly quick on her feet for a person "of her certain age"

    (ii) there are three Ward Councillors per Ward and their job is establish and maintain regular (eyeball to eyeball) contact with their residents so that they keep a finger on the pulse. Too many of these Councillors are dead lazy and in it for the SRA and ego. Any attempt to let them drift into internet counciling must be resisted at all cost.

  8. The bottom line is that Cockell is not to be trusted. This is the root of the problem in K&C

  9. Same experience as mess! Water leaking in and attempts to extract money. At least BT paly a straight bat

  10. What a brilliant night to hold it on. Try and get all the trouble makers of the Borough in one place-actually all wasting their time-whilst Conservative activists make a massive last night push in Brompton.

  11. I recommend that Dir Cockell enlists the aid of a polling station, such as, enabling the Council to have "flash consultations" on any issue. They can invite votes through email, and get results cheaply, efficiently and very rapidly
    Phone: 07799647160

  12. The Council's invitation to the meeting claims that 91% of residents have internet access and K & C has the fifth highest internet usage in London. Yet it still failed to occur to the Hornton St morons that those same residents need superfast broadband.


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