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Thursday, 7 June 2012


An Absent Councillor
Residents of Hanstown Ward may soon get value from one of the Rotten Borough's most insolently indolent councillors.
However, The Dame has been soundly ticked off by 'one who knows'. According to owk, it is wrong to say she is unpopular as no resident knows who the hell she is. The Dame accepts the rap over the knuckles.
Cllr Weale will no longer be wheeling in and out of her job in the City-according to the Dame's 'man in the box'. Clearly, the new Dutch owners want a full timer-a bit like the Hanstowners!leaving
However, through good fortune-and a slavering devotion to Pooter  she has garnered a few juicy Special Responsibility Allowances: they should keep the wolf from the door......oh and pay for the Eton school fee.

This is the councillor who thought she was being witty when she said about residents, 'we hear........but we don't listen!'
At the Rotten Borough it is a case of 'not what you know, but who you suck up to.'
Residents have long remarked on Weale's obliviousness to their concerns, so they are hoping that she will now have time to focus on the job she is being paid close to £35,000 a year to do.
So, Cllr Weale, turn over a new leaf.... and start to do your job. It might be one of the reasons that you have never became a travels!


  1. How does the Dame get all this information? Can we keep nothing hidden from her?

  2. The Dame is all seeing and hearing! More than can be said for lazy Councillors.

  3. This is another useless Councillor who needs to move on. Lazy and interested only in herself.

    At one Campden Hill Residents Association meeting she turned up to brief residents on Holland Park School. She did not know how many pupils attended the school. And she was Cabinet Member for Education!


  4. Cllr Weale is bomb proof because she enjoys the protection of her benefactor Cllr Cockell. Her position has nothing to do with ability or aptitude. She is part of the "home guard" and knows where her bread is buttered.

  5. This menace is Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Cte and also Chairman of the Investment Cte where she was Seconded by Cllr Read.

    She had better watch out. It is a job that ambitious Read could do and would like to do.

    Cllr Read has already stage whispered that Pooter is past his sell by date and he would like a crack at the Leadership himself, provided that something happens before he moves on to Westminster

  6. Strange woman. If she thinks there is a job opportunity or VIP around she really dresses the part and looks good. Otherwise she moves around in a mess. Which is what the residents see.

  7. Read has been on the Council for five minutes and is hugely disliked by residents for his rudeness and insensitivity. He is rapidly becoming 'the new Moylan'.

    He sounds intelligent and has his moments, but evidently loves the sound of his own voice, and is often misinformed. He needs to listen and learn for some years before he even thinks about leadership, and even then would need to ensure the support of colleagues.

    He wouldn't get it now.

  8. When the Dutch took over her company in March she knew they would boot her out. So she spoke to Pooter who bulked up her SRA's. The Rotten Borough is a bit like a benefits office for out of work/ workshy/unemployable councillors!

  9. Why not ask the Council to publish a monthly report on attendance, expenses and activities; updated regularly with the amount of allowances individual councillors receive

    Cell: 07799647160

  10. Time for Cockell to stop treating K&C as his personal fiefdom

    Elected representatives should never lose sight of their muppets

  11. "We hear, but we don't listen"

    This sums up the woman, her Council, and the arrogance of the currently clapped out K&C organization.

    Weale has a loose mouth and after a gin or three can be relied upon to make these stupid statements. Revealing her state of mind and the K&C culture

  12. As one of the oldest teenagers in the business, 10.41, she thinks such statements are "cool".

    What a waste of space

  13. A person intoxicated by even minute quantities of power. At a "consultation" meeting organised to hear residents opinions about Holland Park School, the then Chairman of the Education Scrutiny Committee leant across to Weale with a grin on his face to whisper that "of course none of this will make any difference at all to our plans".

    Weale's face was a picture of ecstasy. I am really at the center of things now she beamed


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