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Saturday, 2 June 2012


0ne hyde park
london sw1w 8hp

Dear Lady Mayoress

I have been wracking my poor old brains. What is the best way to celebrate the success of our little blog...the Hornets Nest?

His Worship, The Mayor, will have drawn your attention to the little rap over the knuckles we administered when he invited his dear and disgusting friend, ex Cllr Phelps to the Civic 'do'.

But no dwelling in the past: let's 'move on' as they say....

Lady Mayoress.... we are both powerful ladies. We tell our menfolk to jump and they ask, “yes, but how high?”
So here goes....with you behind The Dame we can float this one.

In a week or so, 100,000 unique visitors will have 'checked in' to our little site anxious to read all the things that Cllr Cockell wants to keep quiet:his first class air trips, swish,luxe hotels and intimate $600 dinners for two with crooks like Mr Clements. 
We even stopped him using the new Bentley so you and Chris could clamber in the back from time to time.
So how about The Dame getting one of Mayor's Awards? Oh and don't forget we booted out Mr Phelps for his dirty emails(I hope Chris did not get any!)
So no one has done more than the Dame for getting a bit of democracy going in the Royally Rotten borough.
You lay on the medal and The Mayor's Parlour and we can have a right old royal knees up!

Yours ever so respectfully

The Dame

PS Young Ludo will get the 'champers'-he knows someone 'in the trade' who will 'get him a deal'


  1. This is good idea. The Dame has done more than the Opposition to put a rocket up Cockell's backside

  2. Well done Dame. You have earned your Mayor's Award. Although don't buy the bubbly yet. I remember that Mayor Mills put you up for one last year, but old Scrooge vetoed it at the last minute. I am sure it was because you stopped him using the Bentley to 'save taxis fares'.

    If you do have the party will Phelpsy be on the guest list?

  3. 09:46
    Thank you so much. It gladdens the old Dame's heart to have such nice for that old reprobate, Phelpsy. No, he will not and if he and his friend Lamont try gatecrashing Ludo will manhandle them out.

  4. I am sorry to say that you will not be eligible for the Mayor's Award. These are in my gift-not the Mayor.
    I am surprised you could think I would ever allow it.

    Councillor Sir Merrick Cockell, Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

  5. Congratulations to the Dame. The Hornet has become a minor triumph of democracy

  6. Kensington Resident2 June 2012 at 10:16

    Ugly Pelly has discount cases of Cristal for sale following the closure of PUBLIC

    I am most partial to Cristal

  7. Jesting aside, it is a very significant event for democracy that new forms of participation, comment and criticism like the Hornet have become possible via the Internet. It is something that local Government, and particularly Boroughs where there is little or no opposition, will increasingly need to come to terms with.

    A useful check against the excess of dictatorship in Boroughs like K&C

  8. 100,000 unique visitors my arse.
    About twenty (if that) of the same people over and over again. When you try to get the press to cover your fantasies (something you constantly attempt) they ridicule and ignore you. You creep around at council events trying to engage people and everybody knows who you are and what you are up to. Laughable.

    Brainless invention.
    Bitter and spiteful
    Totally ineffective.

  9. Long live Pooter Mubarak, 10.36

  10. Now 10:36 for goodness sake calm down or you will do yourself great damage.
    Now I will let you into a little secret...The Dame has only once been to the Town Hall and that was to collect her permit(her man Phelps was too busy emailing)
    Now about these is technically impossible to generate unique visitors so I fear you will have to just live with the Dame's ever growing popularity. Even your boss, Pooter, gets his wife to open up!
    As for the press...mmm...just google
    Merrick Cockell and you will find the most derogatory have all emanated from The Dame. I have had my PR man check and at the last count there were some 20 in the national press and Private Eye.
    Now if you choose to delude yourself about the ever growing and over arching influence of the Dame then you must. Now go and enjoy the Jubilee Weekend!

  11. Poor old Palmer, at it again. Poor chap, needs help.

  12. 10:36

    Come on Cllr Palmer. You have been told not to comment by Pooter. And why have you stopped using Up Yours? Pooter will still know its you.
    And the more excited and angry you get the more people will think that you take the Dame seriously. Now stop being a chump and admit that the Dame is widely read and rightfully feared.

  13. Nothing ineffective about stopping the Leader from spending $400 of taxpayers money to entertain a council colleague to dinner at Keanes in New York or $300 to entertain a friend whose name "he forgets" to dinner at the Four Seasons on a Saturday night.

    Nothing spiteful about kicking up a fuss over official invitations to a disgraced ex Mayor, 70 years of age, who distributes indecent photos of young boys on the council computer system.

    Nothing brainless about taking on a fiefdom that has usurped democracy.

    Nothing anonymous about the Hornet Brand and its CEO, the Dame

    Nothing delusional about a self serving trougher who has clung to power for 14 years

  14. 'Laughable.
    Brainless invention.
    Bitter and spiteful
    Totally ineffective. '

    Talking about yourself Palmer?

  15. If 10.36 had more brains he would be a moron.

    Sorry Palmer, but lets get real


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