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Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Dame Warns Cllr 'Tel' Buxton-Avoid Phelps

Person Familiar with The Situation  keeps her friend, The Dame, up to speed with some of the less obvious interests of our councillors. 
This comment should cause alarm bells to ring...
One is judged by the company one keeps and the property interests one is involved in. This is particularly so when chairing the Planning Committee. To avoid potential conflict 'Tel' should step aside from Planning. He should also avoid the company of his close friend, ex Cllr Phelps-the man with the overactive imagination when it comes to pictures of VERY young boys in odd situations.......

Bunterish Enthusiasms
Person Familiar with The Situation ......
"Cllr Terence Buxton has told friends that he cannot understand why his name is not in the frame for a Cabinet position and why he is not considered as a future Leader of the Borough. Even though tainted by his fascination and close relationship with disgraced ex Cllr Phelps, this Councillor for the Earls Court Ward lists his interests in no less than fourteen societies and organisations which he is presumably active in ( Bow Group, Anti Slavery Society, Royal Opera House, Earls Court Society, Chelsea Physic Gdn etc). Obviously a confused person or someone still in his adolescence.
There is also a bit of a muddle and possible conflict of interest between his Chairmanship of the Borough's Planning Committee and his employment by a property company, ownership of another property company, and owner of four properties in the Borough. Sounds like a can of worms......."
Tel's Can Of Worms...




  1. I see the Dame is just 26 or so unique visitors short of her 100,000.
    Would she like to tell us her celebration plans? Is it true that Pooter has invited her to W8 for dinner....

  2. Council Officer17 June 2012 at 23:16

    The word is that Cllr T Buxton is being replaced by Cllr Williams as Chairman of Planning. The problem is that Cllr Williams is quite thick and does not have great interpersonal skills. Cockell does not rate planning so is not too concerned by this.

  3. How can someone who is deeply involved in personal property interests like Cllr Buxton be in charge of the Major Planning Committee of K&C?

    Is Cllr Cockell out of his mind?

  4. Smutty little affair.

  5. What a self satisfied chap our Cllr Buxton looks

  6. He is exactly as he looks.

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