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Thursday, 21 June 2012


 Predictably that excellent warning by a resident on the unforeseen perils of the Tri-borough arrangements has evoked nil reaction from our councillors: most are too terrified to put their heads up over the parapet or lack commercial expertise so have not the foggiest idea how service merging should be implemented anyway....
But The Dame has received, via her top secret email 'drop box' an interesting perspective from a senior officer. He won't reveal the Council for whom he works, but he makes a broad point applicable to senior 'coalface officers' throughout the three councils.
Mr xxxxx tells The Dame that no outside research company has carried out selective research amongst officers to get feedback on how things are going.
Tri-Borough Organisation!
He remarked, “ if we were a commercial organisation implementing this sort of radical reorganisation senior(below director level) and mid ranking staff would be continually consulted and involved.
No surprise there then...and an interesting comment from another officer just posted on the Tri-Borough piece
Anonymous Council Officer said...
Deep Throat from the hub of H&F Town Hall tells me that in an attempt to bolster the Conservative's rapidly slipping hold on the borough, a reduction of 3.5 per cent in Council Tax is being considered for H&F. This will put considerable pressure on the funding of Tri and Bi-Borough services.

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  1. The Tri-Borough merger was designed to create a permanent Conservative hegemony in Central West London. No thought was given to its effects on residents' lives. They are irrelevant to the "Master Plan." Evidence is that no thought was given to the merging even such basics as Children's Services computer systems. This alone should ensure head roll.

    H & F will sooner or later (doubtless sooner) revert to Labour; but not even this slowed the creation of a dysfunctional Monster. The Council will rue the day the project began - while residents of all three boroughs are left to pick up the pieces.


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