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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Labour Brompton

The Dame only cares who will best serve Brompton residents. She will be publicising both candidates appeals. But where is the Lib Dem appeal....come on Lib Dems!


  1. This guy seems much more detailed with issues 'on the ground'

  2. Whilst not being affiliated to any party. This man clearly knows about residents concerns and the wider concerns that Kensington Residents have for Exhibitionist Road and what this Council led by cockup are doing in our name.

    The other hasn't a clue, as for saving us money...what a load of tosh. How much they have paid for death trap exhibitionist road, tin elephants, their own jolly's, bentleys, Holland Park Opera, the loan to Mr Conran for Origami House, removing perfectly good Victorian street lights and the more recent water gathering nonsense in the name of art. The computer systems that leave children vulnerable, the pornographic images found on Phelps computer.

    I hope the residents of Brompton Ward are the first to send a clear message to the arrogant people who run this Borough that they are not amused.

  3. Where does he stand on Gay Marriage?

  4. I imagine he supports it like the prime minister.

  5. On Monday the Dame will be distributing her Hornet to all her enthusiastic Brompton resident followers with a list of questions they might feel inclined to ask each candidate

  6. Dear 19.34, or should I say Up Yours

    Get a life.

  7. Dear Dame you might wish to ask candidates how long they have been members of their party and how many elections they have worked in.


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