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Saturday, 23 June 2012


Anonymous said......
"Senior social work managers from K and C (who under the tri-Borough agreement are now responsible for supervising cases of social workers from H and F) are unable to access the files of vulnerable children.
K and C and H and F use incompatible computer frameworks to store information.
A utter shambles that is placing service users at increased risk. Why was this fundamental flaw not considered by those with authority previously?"
11 June 2012 09:23

It could not last....
Just when the Dame felt Pooter was turning a corner- supporting brave initiatives, such as 'Buffy' Buckmaster's civic award scheme, she finds him up to his old Stasi style tricks....
This comment about the inability of social workers to cross-access vulnerable childrens' files should have driven Pooter to take the whip to the K&C IT Dept.
But what are they forced to do instead? From on high the IT Department has been told to divert precious resources to discover who might be in contact the Dame.
If the Dame did not know this puffed up man so well she might think him suffering from paranoia. 
For goodness sake....let them get on with their work....not waste time looking for 'reds under the bed'. Councillors and officers all contact the Dame. It is known as their democratic right......


  1. Yes, this is true

  2. Time for the press to expose the next Baby P scandal.

  3. Presumably Stasi as we all know Pooter is German

  4. This is just the start Dame, the computer systems in all business groups are totally incompatible and it is causing chaos. In the middle of this they want to 'standardise' and stick it on a cloud. Cloud cuckoo land maybe.

    And the victims of this chaos will be the taxpayers, and possibly some young person whose records are unavailable.

  5. It was to be expected he is more concerned about his own ego than the protection of vulnerable children.

    What he doesn't understand is that officers, residents of this borough and other interested parties not only read, but contact the Dear Dame with their concerns because the idiot and his mob are incompetent.

    Let the tide of information continue to leak from Hornton Street. Well done officers, keep up the good work even if you have to do it from home.

    What a prat!

  6. Rather than seeking to address such potentially grave issues, the Council uses our money in an attempt to suppress knowledge of the reality, even among its own officers. K & C is a place democracy has forgotten.

    This is a sure sign of the power our dear Dame wields in the Rotten Borough and the terror she engenders in the Hornton Street clique.

    Everyone reads her views. We respond "Happy and glorious - long to reign over us" etc.

    The time will come when the revolting peasantry of Holland Park and Sloane Street storm the Palace - via the Press and the ballot box of course.

  7. Poor old Pooter. Sad case and I think he is suffering badly from what ge sees as the Dame threatening his authority. He is not used to open criticism. There is a lot of it at Hornton Towers but it all takes the form of whispering in the shadows.


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