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Sunday, 24 June 2012



Before the by election on Thursday residents of Brompton Ward will have a rare chance to put questions to candidates. Not all questions relate to local issues: some go to the very heart of how this Council is run.
The Dame has always felt national politics intrude too much into the local street scene.
Residents want fighters.....those who will stand up for them and their interests, rather than follow the Leader...sheeplike.
Two rare examples on our council are Cllrs Coleridge and Borwick. When Cllr Moylan determined-against the wishes of residents-to destroy much loved Sloane Square they stood side by side with residents making themselves hugely unpopular in the process. It was a rare revolt.
So the point of this exercise is to see how putative councillors respond to these questions.
The Dame hopes against hope both candidates will use her little forum to tell us where they stand so we can use our votes judiciously. Please send the Hornet link to all your friends/contacts: we all need to know the answers.
The questions.....

  1. Vital services are being slashed. Was it right to spend nearly £30 million buying Chinese granite rather than supporting our own quarrying industry: was it ever right to spend this vast sum of money in the first place?
  2. Keeping Exhibition Road clean is costing £7,000 a week. Is this well spent money?
  3. Foreign number plated Ferraris, Lamborghini and Porsches still, after 3 years, hurtle noisily and dangerously around our streets. Have our councillors done enough to stop this nuisance?
  4. Rickshaws are back with a vengeance, yet we have been told they have been driven away? Why the lie?
  5. Josiah, the newsagent, is a vital resource for residents. Why try to double the owner's rent?
  6. Beauchamp Place has become a clone of Edgware Road. Why has it not been protected?
  7. Cllr Moylan is a board member of Tfl and a member of RBK&C. What guarantee have we that he does not pressure/bully local councillors into falling into step with his 'step free' redevelopment plans for South Ken Station?
  8. Why is the Council fighting the proposal to put a pedestrian crossing on Exhibition Ed?
  9. Abbas Barkhordar does not tell us whether he lives in the Ward or anything about his professional/ personal background.How long has he been a party member and how many elections has he been involved with?
  10. The Council Leader is being paid close to £70,000 a year when he is mostly absent on his other job as the £53,000 a year boss of the Local Government Association. Why should we subsidise his other job?
  11. Bearing in mind Cllr Cockell has been leader for 14 years do candidates feel he should have stepped aside years ago?
  12. Councillor and Special Responsibility Allowances are some of the highest in the land. Should the Council not have offered to reduce allowances to show, “ we are all in it together.”?
  13. Holland Park School is being rebuilt at a cost of £100 million-3 times the rebuild cost suggested by Government and without one extra place being created. Is this a sensible use of our money?
  14. The Council holds in reserve nearly £180 million of our money, created through over taxation. Can we have it back please in a council tax rebate? 
    There are many other questions. 
    This is the place to ask them.......or why not contact them?

    Abbas Barkhordar :0207 325 0102     This number was given on his leaflet: it is clearly incorrect as it goes to his friends at JP Morgan! Come on do some proof reading Abbas. Correct no is 0207 352 0102

    Mark Sautter:0207 727 0038    


  1. Phew....the Dame is in full fury today!

  2. Dame. How about Abbass' home number. The number you have given will just get J F-H. Cowardly to use J F-H's number.

  3. No-one's going to get through anyway. The Dame has provided incorrect phone number and email address....

  4. The Dame has provided the number given in Mr Barhordar's 'You were out when I called' leaflet.
    If he cannot even be bothered to proof read such a vital number then I fear that he will be of no great use...a little like you 14:05!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. A first class list of questions from the Dame. Local focus, local relevance, local pulse

  7. As usual the Dame is on the ball. Lets see what our Brompton candidates are made of. Stern stuff I hope

  8. Mr Bore is a box ticker. "BT did not give us notice for discussion" he says. "When the applications came in we responded within 58 dyas". That's all right then, purrs the satisfied Bore.

    No it is not all right, Mr Bore. Any resident who has ever had any dealing with Hornton Street knows what a stroke inducing experience this can be. Any surprise that BT with a "red hot" product adopted a take it or leave it attitude? From experience they know what a pain you and your fellow box tickers can be.

    Here is a Master Class, Mr Bore, on how you need to justify your £120k (plus pension and inflation proof pension) salary

    (i) The Council decides that Superfast is beneficial for residents (not much debate required here, even for K&C)

    (ii) Br Bore and his fellow "borers" start to run fast with the objective that K&C residents will be the first Council out of all 500 Councils in the Kingdom to get Superfast

    (iii) the expertise, performance, skill and reputation of the Planning Department ensures that people who do not want roads dug up, Planning Committees who want no change, Moylan who wants clean streets, BT who want elephants, contractors who are too busy, indeed all the problems that "performance management" is designed to overcome, get overcome.

    Simple, really

    Of course it is Leadership that produces this kind of behaviour. And Leadership is something that Hornton Street does not experience


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