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Thursday, 30 September 2010

First nutters, now idiots and twits

Hornet heard a while back ex-Cllr Daley at some excuse for a drink up in the Dear Leaders company referred to his electorate as "nutters" allegedly. The source pointed out that this claim was made by last man standing in St Charles, Cllr Matthew "Rainbow" Palmer, about the recently resigned member for Cremorne.

Well, if thats not bad enough, now we have Cllr Weatherhead swearing to God that people using footpaths in the Royal Borough are idiots and twits!

Yes, dear reader, in an exchange of emails she bemoans how youngsters wander around with these "e-things (sic) stuck in their ears listening to music which is still encroaching on other people or listening or gabbling into a stupid mobile phone...."

This email was discussing genuine safety concerns of a resident around Sloane Square and how specific "improvements" undertaken by the council around a crossing had made safety issues a worry. Dropped kerbs and poor quality studs on a pedestrian crossing literally makes it a matter of life and death if an errant motorist careers down the street.

She goes on a little further, injecting just a little bit more venom, describing cyclists as "twits", "I have watched idiots who walk along and then just walk off the pavement as if they were in the middle of the Sahara - that is no way to behave....  ......and these days with all the twits on bicycles...."

Nasty-Nick PB (Nasty as he is a whip, rather than being a nasty person) is more forthright in his response to enquiries, championing how accidents have decreased over recent times, telling us the good news that the borough is one of the safest places on the planet when it comes to road safety. Nice words, but useless to the lady and her family  who was rushed to Hospital after being mown down by a BMW Coupe in June at this very spot.

Getting back to Barbadian born Cllr Weatherhead, Mayor of RBKC in 1994, and a member of the council for a whopping 46 years. She finishes her email with a warning, just in case the hapless recipient decides to come back with a tear-jerker...

"Don't come back to tell me about children, that is a different problem and everyone including parents and carers have to be very watchful there..."

Perhaps Cllr Weatherhead would like us all to live in a Chinese Granite utopia where "ethings" dont exist, children are seen and not heard, and we go back to hand-carts instead of the motor car. At least then she wont then have to worry about the idiots and twits as she listens to Joe Loss and Glenn Miller gramophones.


  1. Dear Barry,

    Your blog is not true that I have said any such comment on Mark. Unless you can go further into this "eye witness" report I would be grateful if you corrected it.

    Matthew R Palmer

  2. Cllr Palmer, Hornet has checked her source, and they are quite insistent that you were overheard late last year saying that at a meeting held in May 2009 in the Leaders Office, for potential candidates in May 2010, Cllr Daley referred to sections of his electorate as nutters during his speech.

    Hornet was neither at the meeting where Daley is alleged to have said it, nor where you are alleged to have commented on it. Hornet understands the source was not at the meeting either, but only learned of it after you mentioned it. Allegedly of course.

    Hornet does not know if you were at the meeting where Daley said it, nor how you came about to know about it. But you were overheard saying it!

    If however you deny it, then what can Hornet do, apart from happily correct the statement to say that you deny saying it.

  3. Dear Barry,

    Apart from this insistance on chatting to me in the third party and making it sound like a conversation from an ATM. I would like to point out some facts.

    1 I have never been asked about potential candidates for the local elections - and who would ask me? I have had discussions with you about who was retiring. I therefore was not in the leaders office ever to discuss this matter.

    I would also like to point out, I was not an officer of the association - the people who did draw up the list of approved candidates.

    The only thing I did was to take a few of the potential candidates out campaigning and my advice on that was mainly ingored.

    So you source, who, like you and me was not in the leaders office was probally on another planet.

  4. Come Come dear boy. We are all friends after all.

  5. I have to say, having known Mr Phelps, that the Hornet sounds very like him. Maybe Phelps is contributing-that is my theory.Could you also ask Cllr R
    Matthew Palmer to check his spelling.

  6. Apologies being dyslexic and dispraxic does cause to odd problem when you are working in the blogisphere.

    Matthew R Palmer

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