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Monday, 13 September 2010

Cock-rail on Cross-ell...

More news reaching Hornet concerning the Dear Leader and the suggestion of a Crossrail station at the former Gasworks site just off Ladbroke Grove.

The world and his wife now know about the dire state of the nations finances, so there is a real risk that a number of capital projects, Crossrail being one, will be scaled back, redesigned, all in an effort to keep the budget down.

Rumours abound that the Crossrail project, one of TfL's major infrastructure projects may decide to abandon the plan to have a station in north Kensington. But dont forget, we have our very own Danny Boy who is, when he is not having his council papers couriered to his holiday home, not only a K&C Councillor but also Deputy Chairman of TfL.

So whats the betting on the Dear Leader and Danny Boy deciding to fund the station in Ladbroke Grove using the vast reserves built up by K&C? You heard it here first.

Shall we open a book?

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