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Friday, 10 September 2010

If you're going to San Francisco.........

The picture on the right is, for the benefit of Hornets readers what it looks like in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class.

Kensington resident and majority shareholder RB certainly knows how to treat his enhanced fare paying customers.

Hornet has been to the States a few times, but she usually travels somewhere towards the back, unless she can persuade her employer to send her over on business and stump up the premium for having a real glass, stainless steel cutlery and a hot towel.

What Hornet needs to do is become a council leader and then wangle an invite to a BT conference in America twice.  The RBKC website announces one in 2007 in New York (with the dinner at the Four Seasons hotel), but these two other trips are conspicuously omitted, or at least Hornet cannot find them.

According to documents that Hornet has obtained the dear Leader attended the "Vital Vision" training programme in the USA. But what is "Vital Vision"? It is a programme designed for senior executives across government organisations, with an annual programme designed to examine technological, social and business changes which will affect the organisations participants lead. 

The council, or that should be you reader, as a tax payer in RBKC coughed up almost £2000 for the flight to Boston, and another £2000 for the flight to San Francisco. Thats four grand in total almost, and both flights were in Virgin Upper Class.

Add to that subsistence expenses (thats food and drink), transportation to and from the airport (when the Dear Leader was in New York he hired a limo), and of course accommodation costs (perhaps throw in laundry, room service, and frequent dips into the mini bar), it will probably add a few more grand to the final bill to the taxpayer.

Nice job if you can get it.


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