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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Duplicitous? Dissembling? Iran Plan puts things into a Tizz

More news reaching Hornet concerning Cllr Danny boy "DHL" Moylan, relating to the Iranian planning application currently doing the rounds in Hornton Street (aka, the nest).

The source provides information where Cllr Moylan has, in his capacity as the Great Architect (Planning Supremo) for K&C met with the Iranians over the design for the new monstrosity, Hornet means Embassy building down in Queens Gate.

In fact Moylan was so excited about these plans back in 2009, that he rushed this unsuspecting individual quicker than DHL could get a parcel to Thailand, to get a sneak preview of the plans that were laying around in his office. Whizzing her around so quickly she nearly came a cropper in her Jimmi Choos. The source says Danny boy called her a philistine for not appreciating the design merits. The cheek of it!

A short while after receiving this anonymous tip off, Hornet gets a second one from a different person, on the Iranian embassy thing, again involving the Great Architect. This second snippet was a conversation between the unidentified source and Moylan, and Moylan was saying the above meeting with the lady in high heels didnt occur.

So someone somewhere is not being exactly truthful.

But what have they got to hide?

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