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Thursday, 23 September 2010

All white on the night

Yet another person has contacted Hornet and pointed out something when discussing the selection of candidates in Earls Court and Cremorne Ward. Hornet assumes this person is a member of the Tory Party, and Hornet makes no assertion to know the internal workings of that Party nor its selection processes or criteria. Just to get that straight.

The source rightly pointed out that we live in a multi-cultural society and this borough has a healthy and welcome mix of cultures, religions, ethnicities, genders and the like. It is important that the governing body reflects the various structures of our community.

No one can argue under-representation amongst the elected members for women or gay men, and this is a good thing, but it is striking that there are absolutely no councillors from asian or the black community. Non-white people make up about a third of the population in K&C, so why then is it that every councillor is white?

Hornet does not believe in positive discrimination, nor in quotas - but equally does not believe there is insufficient talent in the ethnic communities of this borough to make a positive contribution to the governance on the council.

Hornet hopes that the political parties will ensure that in future their selection processes are open and are made accessible to the ethnic communities of the borough and looks forward to seeing a better reflection of our community elected in future. And if they don't well lets hope some Independents stand up for their communities.

Although if the selection process of the Tories at Earls Court is anything to go by, according to Hornets secret source, then we'd better hope the LibDems and Labour show us the way.

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