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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Polling Day Today

In what has been a pretty low key election, voters in Cremorne Ward and in Earls Court Ward go to the polls today to elect their new councillor.

The by elections came about because of the double resignation of the previous Tory incumbents, when one sent to the other (amongst others) inappropriate emails from his council based web email account.

The only thing that will raise an eyebrow in Cremorne is if the tory candidate fails to win in as no party, including the Tories have busted a gut to ensure victory.

Earls Court though is a different matter.

The LibDems have been battling hard for what seems like weeks pushing out their tatty Focus leaflets, matched only by the number of jaded blue Tory In-Touches. Linda Wade, according to the LibDems is a hard working campaigner (well, they would say that wouldnt they) and the Tories claim their latest recruit Malcolm Spalding (who used to be an independent and still lives next door to the Tory Council Leader) is "tried and tested". Quite what he is tried and tested in isnt really explained - perhaps his conversion to Conservatism?

The LibDems have as usual bussed in their workers but have experienced difficulty getting face to face discussions with voters because of the large number of houses converted to flats with buzz entry systems. The Tories have also had to resort to canvassing Kensington Mansions, a feat not done before Hornet reckons, 1805...  are they scared of something?

Labours Joel whatsisname has put up a credible fight in what must be a hopeless situation for them, and I am sure they are just hoping they can come in third.

The Greens and UKIP are also standing, but have been predictably absent.

There are two independents one apparently related to Tory MP James Arbuthnot, and another Jack Bovill who is campaigning on the ticket as the "no allowance candidate". His campaign literature was surprisingly good and effective and anyone who can take decisions on what is right for the ward rather than convenient for the Party is a good choice.

Hornet cast her vote this morning, she is Backing Jack Bovill.

Who will win? Only you can decide...

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