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Sunday, 12 September 2010

We don't have a freehold on the planet...

Readers of this blog will know how Hornet told you how the stones being laid on Exhibition Road as part of the multi million pound redevelopment were imported from China. Or, so were told by the guys laying them.

Well it turns out the story is true!

The erstwhile member who has responsibility for making all things plush is Nick Paget-Brown, and he claims "I think it will be the most beautiful road in London,” and there is Hornet thinking he would have chosen a road not to far from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital!

Anyway, back to the Chinese stones....

It is suggested that the council believe the carbon footprint of these stones being shipped from China is far less than having them transported from the north of England. So having them travel over 5000 miles by sea, in a ship, burning fuel, then transported to the borough in trucks, burning fuel, has somehow less of a carbon footprint than they would being brought 300 miles down the M1?

Who would expect anyone to actually help the granite industry in the UK, when we can go abroad?

No one should be any doubt on Nasty Nicks green credentials, as it was he who posted on a blog elsewhere "..we don't have a freehold on the planet "but a full repairing lease"?"

Ah, so thats alright then.

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