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Monday, 13 September 2010

Mr Angry loses the plot

May 2010, the council elections were something to behold if you were anything but Labour. Despite the best intentions of the previous administration, the Tories secret weapon - Gordon Brown - managed to transform the chances of a Labour victory in the polls from no chance to no hope.

So that should have seen the Tories in this borough wringing their hands with glee at the thought of actually breaking through in the north of the borough.

Long a Labour heartland, the three wards of Golborne, Notting Barns and Colville could become another St Charles and turn blue if the campaign and message came across to the electorate.

The selection "process" was run, the candidates "selected", and the printing presses went into overdrive. There was such a run on blue ink, apparently the company that produces the blue drums for these riso machines had to work weekends to fulfill demand.

In Colville, fresh from a humilating defeat the candidates put up a brave fight, despite fierce opposition mainly from those in their own party who didnt help campaign.

Golborne was a lost cause from the outset, but the Tories scented blood in Notting Barns, thats the red blood of Labour, not the blue Tory blood of course.

Desperate phone calls were made, more leaflets produced and enquiries were made to see if buying a couple of extra hours to add to a day would count as election expenses.

On a day when the most that Labour could hope for is that the wipeout would be as painless as possible, and when the Tories could safely assume they would hold St Charles and possibly pick up on one or more seats...

.....the Tories didnt win any of the opposition seats....
....and they lost two of the three in St Charles.... Labour!

No wonder Mr Angry, who is Hornet understands the Chief Architect of the Tory campaign in the north of the borough so upset.

Still, we know a song about that, dont we children!

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