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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Labour of Bruvva-Love...

This weekend will see the crowning of the new leader of the Labour Party and it will be, if opinion polls are anything to go by will be either Milli-E or Milli-D. There could be an upset but its pretty unlikely that Diane Abbot will storm through on second preferences, no matter how hard Jeremy Corbyn wishes.

A straw poll amongst Hornets office colleagues provides interesting reading. Of the non-Labour voters at the last election, around half said they would vote Labour if David became the leader, and almost all of them plus about two-thirds of the Labour voters said they wouldn't if the other Ed (Balls) struck it lucky.

Diane Abbot was widely known and respected but not considered a runner, and no one had heard of Andy Burnham. Hornet believes Milli-D will suffer a Thatcher moment, that is to get the most first preferences but fall short of the magic 50%, only to see the prize snatched by his brother Milli-E on second preferences.

Whoever wins they face an uphill task of convincing an already sceptical electorate over scale and speed of budget cuts, and a clean break from the perceived disastrous helmship of Gordon Brown.

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