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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Nice job if you Cannes get it

Redcliffe Wards would be Christine Hamilton at a recent meeting of the council expressed her displeasure at the recommendation to cut twinning arrangements as part of the exercise to reduce the impact of budget cuts.

The battle axe has finally fallen on the annual £17,000 budget used to promote commercial and cultural ties.

Cannes is one of the best-known cities of the French Riveria a busy tourist destination and host of the annual Cannes Film Festival. The concept of sister cities has been criticized as an unnecessary and expensive endeavour for cities to take part in with little to no accountability or obvious signs of economic development resulting from the arrangement.

So with no budget to fund the flights there is little possibility of a junket to the city famous for expensive hotels, luxury shops (who wont accept the Wedge Card), and exquisite restaurants. No more will the hallowed halls of the mairie echo "Oh mon dieu, c'est encore cette femme!"

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