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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Babs Campbell home and dry

Cllr Babs Campbell is causing a bit of a stir here in the Hornets nest, in that we cant stop laughing....

We've already highlighted how every councillor has to complete a declaration of interests form, so that we the public can see who our elected councillors work for, or are employed by, how many houses they own and so on. So that we can check when they take vote in council they are not lining their own pockets.

Babs has, like many other councillors chosen on the online version of this declaration not to state her home address, perhaps to avoid anyone cold calling with a problem? Or perhaps for "security reasons".

That being the case, why then on the "find your councillor page" on the RBKC website does it show, what Hornet reckons is a home address?

What is the funniest thing on this page though is the very last line...  she is the "Lead Member for the Leader",

Hornet wonders what her job description must be to hold that title.

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