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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dont forget your toothbrush

The gaggle of Councillors were whisked off the other weekend for an "awayday". This is, for the benefit of the unenlightened readers, like a team building thing, chit chat sessions with the leaders so that those at the bottom of the ladder are made to feel important and dont rattle their cages too loudly too often. Funny what the effects of proper coffee in real china mugs can do.

The usual suspects were there, and congratulations were made for the stunning victory in Cremorne and quiet reflection on what would have been if only Spalding, the Dear Leaders friend and neighbour in Philbeach Gardens hadnt had let the LibDems run away with it.  Oh dear. Well, one out of two neighbours is better than none. Rumour has it the Dear Leader is already eyeing up a person a little further up the street to be the next victim....   I mean, candidate (oops, I mean prospective member, then can apply for selection).

Hornet has been given a heap of papers to pore over, but frankly none of it is of any real interest except for a few snippets that will be appearing on these pages over the next week or so.

One thing that did make Hornet chuckle was to hear that the Dear Leader prattled on for over an hour, when the actual message he was delivering took about ten minutes. So there is your warning Councillors, if you get an invite to the next awayday, dont pack your wristwatch, take a calendar.

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