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Monday, 20 September 2010

When does 4 = 28?

Oh dear.

Hornet has been sent some rather revealing information concerning the delivery of council papers couriered to Cllr Moylan while he is "on holiday or away on business".

The Council website tells us it was four times, costing about £800. Then we subsequently learn it was seventeen times, costing over two grand,

Now we learn its TWENTY EIGHT times.

Thanks to a interested resident Hornet has seen the actual invoices the council received from the courier company DHL and it makes for uncomfortable reading.

DHL sent packets of council papers, as few as one document and up to five on twenty eight separate occasions all approved by the council as Moylan has according to RBKC "reason to travel abroad on business and he has a holiday home abroad". So then have a guess where, without exception, every document was couriered to...

Frankfurt?  No.   Paris?   No.   New York?  Thrice no.
So where then, dear reader, is there another bastion of hot business that one would have cause to travel to so many times?

Yes reader you have kindly paid for council papers to be delivered to Danny Moylan in Thailand no fewer than twenty eight times, costing well over two thousand pounds. And up to five times per month.

Now if he had to pop off to his holiday home in that mecca of tranquility once, and as a result had some important issue to consider back here in blighty, you could, in all reasonableness let him have that and send him some papers. Despite the fact that even in Bangkok they have the internet, so he could have read them online easily enough.

But then that would mean he would have to drag himself out of the bars in Phuket and into an internet cafe, unless of course he has some special arrangement with RBKC that the IT budget for councillors also extends to getting his holiday home wired up with broadband.

But it wasn't once, it was 28 times. Examining the details Hornet can see that each August (the summer recess as politicians call it) for the past three years Moylan has been "away on business or at his holiday home".

There were planes departing Heathrow weekly laden with his "vitally important stuff". At Christmas and New Year, December and January for the past two years, RBKC helped contribute to the turnover at Deutsche Posts DHL operation by again sending planes weekly to Great Architect while he spent the holiday season "away on business or at his holiday home"

In other words, Moylan has been swanning off August, Christmas and New Year, plus about a dozen more times inbetween to what can only be his holiday home in exoctic Thailand, and getting you to pay for his "important documents" couriered to him.


Serious questions need to be answered by Moylan as if these documents are so important what the hell is he doing swanning off to Thailand. Moylan should apologise to the electors of K&C and repay the money. He has to make a choice, civic duty or holiday home.

If he chooses civic duty then with that comes civic responsibility, so lets see some. You should repay the money Daniel.

Hornet understands from her source moves are afoot to bring Moylan to account over this extravagance, hopefully to the desk of his employer at City Hall, she will keep you informed.


  1. I really hope they do bring him to task, and while they're at it they can do something about Cockle's trips to NYC etc. Failing that I'd like to offer to courier his papers over! :)

  2. still waiting for this 'taken to account' thing


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