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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Blame is the name of the game

The Dear Leader is never one to allow a calamity to contaminate him. Fortunately, a scapegoat is not far away. Step forward the hapless Jonathan Fraser-Howell who is the Tory Party main man in the office.

Poor old Fraser-Howell and Pooter have only ever had an acrimonious relationship so Pooter may well see this
an opportunity to rid himself of an irritant and put up a reasonable fall guy. 

Will the people buy it ? Doubtful....

Though not every body's cup of exotically infused flavoured tea J F-H can rightfully claim to be a pretty good agent, dispatching the opposition candidate in Holland Ward without a firing a shot for example. Doubtless he will be keen to point out that Phelps was very much Pooter's friend and ally so the blame could rebound upon Pooter; after all Phelps's emails were well known to most councillors.

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