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Thursday, 23 September 2010

All about "mi"

Readers of the London Evening Standard may well have spotted a piece by celebrated fashion icon Naomi Campbell bleating on about being hauled before the International Criminal Court in Holland in the trial of former African dictator Charles Taylor. How she is being made a scape-goat over the blood diamonds she allegedly received, and how no one was interested in the trial before she made her reluctant cameo.

Mr Taylor is indicted for terrible crimes actually Ms Campbell so you are a little off the mark. The Prosecutor alleges that Mr. Taylor is responsible for crimes which include murdering and mutilating civilians, including cutting off their limbs; using women and girls as sex slaves; and abducting children and adults and forcing them to perform forced labour or become fighters during the conflict in Sierra Leone.

Miss Campbell, although guilty of no crime except selfishness, greed and stupidity with her celebrity, glamour and wealth, gave this man for a nano second, a glimmer of faux respectability. She may well have had it tough growing up in Streatham, but it is nothing, not even a pixel on one of her photos, compared to the hell that man has put the poor, damaged people of Sierra Leone through.

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