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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

WestEnders, Episode 1, Pt2

Episode 1
Part 2

Act2/Sc1:  EXT/DAY Town Hall Car Park
In the background we see a group of council employees struggling with a huge box about the size of telephone box. It is wrapped in brown paper and has DHL stickers on it saying "Send to Thailand".

The council leader is stepping out of the Bentley tipping over a flute of champagne in the process. Inside we can see he is stuck on Level 2 of Super Mario on an X-Box. Cllr Marshall is holding the door open for him and closes it behind him, he is dressed in prep school uniform.

QM: [enthusiastically] Hello Leader, can I have my X-box ba [he is cut short as MC goes past him]
MC: [into his phone ignoring QM] Yes I know about that, but what happened to the Queens Club[the conversation trails off as he enters the building and QM shuts the car door and skips in behind him]

SC2/INT.DAY. The Members Room

Various groups of councillors are lolling around on chairs engaged in inaudible conversations. Cllr Taylor comes in wearing a rather brightly coloured cardigan which she proudly displays to anyone that will look. No one does apart from Redcliffe colleague Charles Williams who is reading the latest copy of Nutz, and only then from the corner of his eye but she spots it and strides purposefully towards him.

FT: Do you like it [pointing to her garment] its my new Cadogan

The whole room falls silent, everyone looks at CW in anticipation hoping he wont fall into the trap. The silence is deafening but there is a very faint voice who we dont know but they say "dont do it" - but it is too late

CW: You mean cardigan dont you?  
FT: No no no, its definitely a Cadogan
CW: [he says the word quite forcefully] Cardigan
FT:  [she phonetically speaks the word to be helpful] Ca-dug-an
CW: [he replies in the same fashion] Car-dee-gan
FT: [getting annoyed now she pauses between each syllable] Ca [pause]   dug [pause]   an [pause]
CW: [sheepishly now realising his mistake] Car..  er ca-dug-an
FT: [looking around at everyone as she speaks very slowly] Yes, my Cadogan

The tables and chairs then part off shot down the middle to the left and right and a disco ball descends from the ceiling. Cllr Weatherhead on roller skates moves to the centre of the room as music from "Shall We Dance" starts playing and Cllr Weatherhead dances along

DW: [singing] You say Cadogan I say Cardigan  [and then all the councillors present jump up for the last line and finish with a showbiz pow] lets call the whole thing off


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