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Friday, 10 September 2010

Rifkinds Pillar

Readers of the local rag may well have come across Malcolm Rifkind MPs column, telling us minions that the parliamentary recess should not be considered as MPs' holiday. He goes on to tell us that a period away from Westminster gives Members of Parliament time to prepare for the debates and votes that will come in the next year. We already know that there will be important debates on where public spending cuts will be made, and whether change in our voting system is needed.

All very commendable.

But that got Hornet kind of wondering...

Lets have a look at some important debates over the past few years and exactly how Malcolm voted in them, on our behalf....

Debates on a transparent parliament, discussing whether or not the Freedom of Information Bill should apply or not to the House of Commons and MPs.
  - There were seven divisions, and Malcolm was absent for all of them,

Debates on MPs allowances, expenses and financial interests
  - There were three divisions, and Malcom was absent for all of them

Debates on Immigration and Asylum, including measures to block asylum status from those convicted of terrorism, and to criminalise employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants.
  - There were four divisions, and Malcolm was absent for all of them

Debate on Equalities with regard to someones sexual orientation, to include treating anyone of a different sexual orientation no different from anyone else with an alternative orientation.
  -  Malcolm Rifkind was absent.

So there you have it,

Just four issues, and fifteen votes over the lifetime of the last parliament that any reasonable person would consider to be of reasonable importance, Immigration and Asylum, Equalities, MP Expenses and Allowances, and whether or not the Freedom Of Information Act should apply to sections of Parliament. And Malcolm Rifkind was absent for all of them.

So exactly what did he vote on then?

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