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Monday, 13 September 2010

On yer bike!

Election fever is certainly affecting some people in Earls Court. Hornet has received a sheet of A4 paper with lots of blue writing, purporting to be from "friends and supporters of Barry Phelps" both residents groups and it is suggested, Tory party members.

Hornet usually would have put this straight into the bin, but decided on this occasion at least to give it a go and see what it says.

Merda fuit, as the Romans would say.

Yet again we have to endure the recently redesignated Mr Phelps being portrayed as a victim in his downfall, the leaflet goes on to suggest that Phelps only "crime" was to stand up for the residents of Earls Court much to the annoyance of the Party bigwigs, who couldnt wait to get him out at the first opportunity.

He may well have been a good local councillor, that isnt why he resigned. He resigned because he sent inappropriate emails from his council email account.

Phelps is history, can we please move on.

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