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Friday, 10 September 2010

Myosotis Amnesia Azorica

When  Hornet pops off on holiday as she frequently does from time to time, either abroad, or a little foray out of London to the countryside or seaside, she usually has a good time. weather permitting.

The journey is either by coach or plane, sometimes by car and occasionally by train.

Now when Hornet has to go abroad for something connected with work, or shall we say, for purposes that enable her to perform her duties better then thats usually something to smile about as it means the expense account creaks open, much to her line managers disgust!

Oh yes, Hornet loves a junket as much as anyone.

Clearly our Dear Leader Cockell also likes to be entertained in such a fashion, as Hornet reports earlier on this blog especially flying Virgin Upper Class to America on three occasions, being put up in swanky hotels and being ferried about the place all courtesy of the taxpayer.

When Hornet is away on business her bills are picked up by the company, who have their own money. They dont dip into the pockets of taxpayers. In anycase, if Hornet came anywhere near to extracting the urine on expenses no doubt she would be forced to make a contribution and would have less trips to indulge herself on in the future.

No such worry for the Dear Leader!

We've already heard how he dips into the mini bar and orders room service, paid for by the residents of K&C. And we already heard how he hires a Limo to transport him from Airport to Hotel and back to the Airport.

We also know that he was put up in New York in the Sofitel, paid for by, yes you guessed it, and yet decided to eat out one evening at the rather plush Four Seasons Hotel restaurant. The $186 bill being picked up by, yes thats right again, K&C taxpayers.

But exactly who was dining with the Dear Leader on this night that shall live in infamy? We know he was not alone

If you ask Hornet who she dined with at Buffalos Steak House in Berlin in February 2005 she can tell you it was George and Hannah from the office, plus her friend Rosita who came up on the train for the weekend. If you ask Hornet who she was with in 2002, the first time she went to New York and had a square burger in Wendys just opposite the Rockerfella Center, she can tell you it was her then boyfriend, now husband.

The point here is that when events that are out of the norm happen, you usually retain some memories, of the journey, the location, and quite reasonably of the company you were with.

So why then does the Dear Leader not know with whom he dined on that fateful night? Did he not ask him or her their name?  Does he remember what they look like?  Would he be able to pick them out from a line up? Did the ambiance and atmosphere of such a nice hotel restaurant really play havoc with his memory tubes?

Hornet has acquired from a source a copy of an email sent by the Dear Leader himself addressing the very important question of who else did the K&C taxpayer fund stuffing their face with grub and booze that night:

From: ""
To: ***********
Sent: Monday, 21 September, 2009 11:57:38 AM
Subject: RE: January 2007

Dear Mr *******

I regret that I do not have this information from two and a half years ago. Had I the information you are requesting then it would have been provided in response to your earlier FOI and other enquiries.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Merrick Cockell

Leader, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Does the Dear Leader really expect us to believe he cannot remember?

Pull the other one, it has a blue flower on.

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