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Monday, 27 September 2010

Westenders Episode 2

Episode 2

"The Visit"


The local Party office, at 2B Not-on-My Manor Street

The photocopier machines are whizzing away in the background and every now and again Cllr Marshall pops up to refill them with A4 paper. In between reloads he is sat cross legged on the floor in his prep uniform, cap askew, playing Super Mario on the X-Box but he keeps getting killed before he can finish the level, getting more and more annoyed.

The Agent, JFH is sat at his desk sipping some herbal tea, he is wearing a complete suit with the LVH logo all over it, complete with matching umbrella - he is momentarily relaxed. Cllr Marie-Terese Rossi is standing in the doorway looking at a photo on her phone of the Holy Father.

MTR: Wow, can you believe it, he was actually here the whole weekend
JFH: [nonchalantly] yes I know, the whole weekend
MTR: He is from abroad, and he was here, actually here, the whole weekend.
JFH: I know the last time he was here was like aaaaaages ago [he reclines back as he stresses the word ages]

They look up sharply as Cllr Marshall lets out a little scream, thinking it was the copier jamming JFH gets up to investigate and walks over to where Cllr Marshall is sat

JFH: Whats the matter? [he straightens Cllr Marshalls cap as he speaks]
QM: I just finished level 2, I beat the boss
JFW: [aside] oh the irony... [he clips Marshall around the ear and loudly proclaims in Capt Mainwaring style] stupid boy

Returning to his desk JFH picks up his tea and Cllr Rossi tries to re-engage in conversation

MTR: So do you think we should have done something to celebrate him being here in London?
JFH: Hmmm perhaps, like what? [pondering silently]
MTR: I don't know, maybe a Civic Dinner or something?
JFH: [aghast] a Civic Dinner? Just because he spent the whole freakin weekend in London? Are you mad?
MTR: Er no, I mean its not like we get a visit from the Pope every month now is it?

JFH: [confused] The Pope? [the penny drops] I thought you meant Cllr Moylan
Cllr Marshall pops his head round the doorframe and throws a paper plane made out of a DHL invoice to Bangkok that hits JFH in the side of the head

MTR & JFH: [in unison, eyes up to heaven and in Mainwaring style] stupid boy


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