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Sunday, 26 September 2010

TMO AGM ends with tears

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation held its Annual General  Meeting on the 22nd September at the Town Hall.Never before has this bastion of Tory virtue seen six members of the Organisation call for a vote of no confidence in the Chairman, and further call for a vote of no confidence in the entire Tenant Management Board, even going as far as to call for an adjournment of the meeting so that these motions could be tabled as Ordinary Resolutions. 

It was manna from heaven for these six rebels when a Director of Company, a pillar of the Kensington elite, later disrupted proceedings by not accepting the authority of the Chairman: completely usurping his role not through the revolutionary barrel of a gun but through the amplification of that middle class equivalent, a microphone. The poor chap chairing the meeting just couldn't cope with the humiliation from one of his own, having successfully seen off six stroppy Kensingtonians raising points of order from the floor, he never in his wildest dreams anticipated that a fellow Director of the Company would stab him in the back. 

There were tears before bedtime when the crestfallen Chairman abandoned the meeting realising that his MBE would not come jangling through the letter box. What a hoot! A good night out for all.

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