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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Go back to your constituencies...

Hot on the heels of Linda Wades spectacular result in Earls Court causing a Tory Meltzer-down the LibDem conference kicked off in Liverpool, the town with two football teams, blue and red though, not yellow.

Danny Alexander has been banging on about squeezing those who earn more than £150,000 using lie detectors to help solve tax evasion, and that they would hire the local collection firm Mssrs Kray & Bruisers Ltd to collect taxes.

I know that, like at General Elections, politicians suffer from a strange, but temporary, motor neurone complaint, whereby mouth and brain do not function simultaneously, but yesterday’s announcements were a little odd and very un-Liberal-like.

Why should it be assumed that anyone earning a large salary is less honest than someone who is not? What value is a lie detector when English law forbids their admissibility? Why confuse tax avoidance with tax evasion when the former is legal and encouraged by the government, whilst the other is neither?

The answer is simple. Danny was talking rubbish to appease the rabble of wild, green eyed lefties, who want to see the Coalition crack down on the pleasures of the richer. Of course, none of these ranting will ever be implemented.

What is amazing is that over the last few months Clegg has emerged as a worthy deputy PM, and Cable a safe pair of hands, so why then is the need for all this claptrap about slamming the rich and the like? At last the LibDems are being seen as a senior party, all grown up and all that could be undone by silly conference speeches and unguarded quotes.

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