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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Moylan comes out on CC

Yet more revelations that the Great Architect, not one for following in the Dear Leaders footsteps has also come out against the congestion charge.

Moylan, while he is in the country anyway, is on record as saying "The Congestion Charge will have an appalling impact on our community, it will leave a large slice of our borough cut off from friends and family and drain small businesses of their customers, we are now settling down for a long hard fight to ensure that the interests of Royal Borough residents are not trampled upon." First Palmer, then Cockell, and now Moylan.

The councils own response published under the imaginatively titled "The impact of Congestion Charging on Business" published by the council said "77% of respondents felt that the Scheme had a detrimental effect on their businesses, 70% believed their takings had decreased and 83% stated that the number of customers visiting their shops had reduced"

Can't argue with that now can we?

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