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Friday, 17 September 2010

Letter to the LibDems

Hornet has heard that a letter is being prepared for the LibDem agent, Robin Meltzer and this is how Hornet thinks it would read...

Dear Mr Meltzer,

I was just wondering if at any upcoming by election you wish to stand in the Conservative Party interest.

Yes, I know that you are a committed member of the Liberal Democrat Party but until persuaded just a few days before this election our chap Spalding was a candidate of Independent persuasion. We here, at Hornton Street are a broad church and would be happy to welcome you into our 'big tent'. We don't pay much attention to political ideology, have you seen some of them in here?

Perhaps you might care to visit us here at Hornton Towers so that I and Cllr Moylan could discuss your potential conversion over a bottle or two of Chateau Palmer? Or maybe you'd want to come to the next Philbeach BBQ, but Cllr Moylan wont be there as he is having another holiday.

We have many elderly Conservative councillors teetering on the edge of senility who could be easily persuaded to step aside for young talent such as you. And if they dont make way well we'll get them elevated to the Lords or something.

Look, I know we have had our ups and downs over my perfectly legitimate expenses but let us move on now. Just like when asked who my companion was at the Four Seasons, where I had that rather delightful meal, its all forgotten.

I look forward to hearing from you, please.

With best wishes


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