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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Nothing to Crow about

What a disgusting, hypocritical, nasty piece of work, Bob Crow is. Hornet doesn’t give a damn that he is a rabble rousing communist whose idea of social justice is firmly rooted in the nineteenth century, and only gets mildly irritated when he regularly does his very best to screw up a day on public transport. But what is incredible is the way he lines his bulging pockets with the hard earned cash of his members,  many of whom face a cold and joyless Christmas on the dole.

At a time of pay restraint and the dread of the Treasury scythe he awards himself a staggering 12% pay increase, or £10,000 extra in cash. This fiscally obese porker should be setting an example to his members. At £145,548, he earns more than the Prime Minister. “Worth every penny”, squeal the other little piggies at the RMT. But we know they they are just as eager to place their grubby little snouts in this fetid little trough.

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