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Tuesday, 23 November 2021



Fuming residents of Campden Ward have been calling up the Dame complaining they have seen 'not hide nor hair' of Cllr Wason ever since he started playing Squire Wason at his Thameside mansion in Henley.

Friends of Cllr Wason tell the Dame the Councillor has little time for Campden people and is focussing his attention on winning over members of the Henley Conservative Association.

It seems he thinks he's a shoo-in for the parliamentary seat and the councillor job a mere stop on the way.

The Association chairman, Daniel Bausor, told a friend of the Dame that Wason was, "all over him like a cheap suit"

Come on are a Campden Ward councillor...

Do your job or resign.


  1. Former Investment Banker23 November 2021 at 21:47

    Well, I wouldn’t say I know him well, but I did come across him several times when I was a banker in South Africa. Bags of easy charm, but I didn’t warm to him and I wouldn’t want to do business with him. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but you get good vibes and bad vibes about people.
    Always in too much of a hurry. I doubt if he has made much impression as a local councillor (not grand enough) and I would avoid voting for him as my MP like the plague. Not the slightest bit surprised that he has been taking his councillor Kensington and Chelsea salary while living 50 miles away from Kensington. Not surprised either that he has been chopping down ancient oak trees. The old saying, if I never see him again it’ll be too soon.

    1. North Kensington Resident24 November 2021 at 10:50

      I think the problem is that after the clear out following Grenfell, the local Tory Party were so desperate for candidates, that they took anyone that they could find and the result is for all to see.

  2. The Dame has been forced to remove 2 comments which are gratuitously offensive. They emanate from Henley residents. The Dame is a stickler for the truth so please, no unwarranted and horrid comments.

  3. After the attempts of disgraced Cllr Pooter Cockle to use pro bono headhunters to find Councillor candidates, there followed the impact of Grenfell when Conservative Association Chairman (the brilliant ex Mayor Cllr Mills) set about clearing out the deadwood Tory Councillors. She was aiming to get rid of 70% but only managed 50% before the old guard found out what she was up to and pulled the rug. Birdbrains Campbell, Weale and Faulks were in Julie's sites but they escaped the bullet.

    The passenger Wason is a small price to pay for the bigger clearout. He saw his chance and seized it with a huge dose of flattery for the Campden Ward selectors, who were again asleep on the job. It was only after he was selected that the the dumbo from South Africa realised that he had picked up a local Government seat and not a Westminster seat. So off he went again......

    Ambitious little runt

  4. Soon to be ex Cllr Wason does not like Victoria Borwick. I wonder why?

  5. He and the 'Lady' Faulks are consumed with jealousy

    1. The old adversaries - quality v rubbish. But the cream always rises to the top.

    2. Councillor Mills scraped the barrel.

    3. She did fire a couple of blanks. Wason and Woodger come to mind.

    4. It's ironic that Faulks is i/c libraries yet can hardly write

  6. Abingdon Ward Tory25 November 2021 at 07:32

    If it was not for Cllr Mills, and her "refresh" of candidates when she was Chairman of the Conservative Association, there would be no hope for residents. She brought in some raw young talent like Cllr Thalasites but unfortunately the journey stopped there. Johnny desperately needs mentoring and developing (and parting from his mothers apron strings) but this is beyond dizzy who neglects her Leadership duties and confines herself to the great alter of "puffing"

  7. Unfortunately carpet baggers do get through the recruitment process at the best of times. But Wason is going. In fact he never arrived. Good riddance.


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