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Thursday, 11 November 2021



Just when we thought sinister Tory connected developer Bimbo 'HEARTLESS' Hart had been sent scurrying back to his Swiss tax hideaway he's back. This time under the skirts of a super luxury care home operator catering for 'billionaire elderly'

The first application in 2016 was for a neurological care centre. 
On this basis, RBKC made an exemption to allow for a double basement. 
Promptly the wily developer changed plans to develop a luxury care home without any neurological care facilities  yet still insisting on the double basement.

Their 2020 application was rejected and cynically the developers presented Julia Darwent as an advocate. 
Poor Julia could not find a nearby care home for her mother. What Julia did not say was that she is the wife of Robert Darwent, a private equity tycoon and co-founder of Lion Capital. Mrs Darwent can not only afford private care for her mother but entire care homes it seems.

And what do RBKC do? 

Despite confirming a few years ago that the double basement exemption was not applicable for any other building purpose they are ready to approve a double basement for a luxury care home. 
Hart is now back with another application to build a luxury care home-part of his newly established KYN Group. 

Far too large, with a double basement again and for the luxury accommodation for the select few. We were amazed to read that KYN even has its own line of spa amenities "Kyth" for its Nina Campbell interior designed care homes. 
Is this really what our community needs?
What has changed RBKC's views on this such that even Thames Water's warnings against double basements are ignored. How many more flash floods does it take? 
Please click here PROTEST TO RBK&C No more basements!

  • It is far too large for the plot of land, required the removal of mature trees, 
  • includes significant plant for ventilation and heating which creates noise pollution. 
  • The double basement exemption is no longer valid. It is no longer a neurological rehab centre but a super-luxury care home 
  • Will cause immense dust and particle pollution with many small children and nurseries in the area. 
Even worse, is that this is a double basement planned in the midst of a Conservation Area...the Dame thought that they were particularly banned in Conservation Areas.

Importantly, why has the Borough's caseworker changed her view? 
Why is an exemption made for a neurological care centre still in force for a luxury care home despite written confirmation by the same caseworker it would not be. 

Residents need to show their muscle and tell the Council that they will not be railroaded by Tory connected property developers like Hart and Ritblat.


  1. Sleaze sleaze sleaze everywhere. Or let's call it by its name. Corruption!
    RBKC Clean up your act now!

  2. I am not legal expert but 5 years on they can sill build a double basement in a conservation area for the benefit of some wealthy retirees? What is going on here. RBKC asleep at the wheel or worse?

  3. Why is anybody surprised This is RBKC

  4. Replies
    1. Allen Street off Kensington High Street

  5. This smells of brown envelopes. Big profits, big bungs. Vintage Hornton Street

  6. Abingdon Gardens Resident11 November 2021 at 17:17

    Allen Street is not very wide. Often jammed with traffic. This development (over development) will continue for three years. THREE years of misery, noise and mess in a dense conservation area of Mansion Flats. Hot on its heels will be Allen House, a few yards up the street with ANOTHER major re development. It is too much. The resident voice needs to be heard and listened to

    1. Poor, naive, Abingdon Gardens Resident. You are not in touch with your elected representatives. Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr MAry Weale, was heard to mutter "we agreed to listen but not to hear"

      You wasted your vote and now you are wasting your time

  7. KYN Group has no track record of Care Homes. They do not have the first clue. This is a sexed up application for "in the vogue" luxury care Care Homes (they are sprouting up all over Kensington and Chelsea) from a developer who has used deception to obtain a double basement. And corrupt Town Hall officials are going along with it.

    1. Robert Darwent is a Swiss based tax exile who creates wealth for himself and misery for residents with his "maximise floor space" developments. Dig deep, build high, work to the boundaries.

  8. Councillors, High Street Kensington shop owners and Officers are reeling from the current onslaught of KYL's PR advisors. They are telephoning, lobbying and emailing about their Avon House development to an extent never seen before in support of a planning application

  9. Why is the Kensington Society quiet on this development? It stinks. Extensive felling of mature trees. Overbuilding. Double basement.

    1. The devil is in the detail. KS needs to examine the traffic management plan for three years of digging a double basement in a congested area. Too many lorries removing the excavation

    2. Abingdon Residnet13 November 2021 at 12:03

      No Royal neighbours to hob nob with and therefore Amanda Frame and the Kensington Society not really interested

  10. The value of the site is square feet X £3000/sq ft. Bulking up and a second basement is where the payoff is for the Swiss based tax exile developer. He knows nothing about Care Homes and has demonstrated that he knows how to hoodwink and maneuver the planning Officers to recommend a double basement development in a dense Conservation area where the water table is already compromised

    1. Only bribes make this kind of recommendation happen

  11. Abingdon Ward Tory12 November 2021 at 12:43

    The Abingdon Ward Councillors are Husband, Cyron and Addenbrooke. They need to lead a robust defense of the interests of their residents.

  12. Bim knows all about how to get planning dodgy planning applications through. He was raised on the chadacre estate where his late father even got permission to build a golden top pyramid

    But lately things have been blowing up at Bim's Melford Capital. THey are forcing out their third partner

    RBKC should be very careful for whom it is willing to stretch their own rules.

    1. Here is further evidence that developer Bimbo Hart, swaggering his Thatcher credentials with the Tory Kensington planners, is a VERY tricky character.

      The planners need to spend less time dreaming about brown envelopes and more time doing their due diligence. There are rogues that you should never allow your daughter to marry.

  13. "The Council is a property development machine"

    Barry Quirk
    Chief Executive RBKC


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