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Wednesday, 17 March 2021


Now that the Conservative Party has decided to de-fund Shaun Bailey for being 'the worst candidate in history' it's time to ponder why the greatest city in the world manages only to attract the scrapings of the barrel to be its mayor.

Other UK cities manage to attract reasonable mayors: how is it London can only pull in the likes of Khan, Bailey, Fox and Rose?

Bailey has been consistently lampooned over the years by the Dame and the Steeples Times HERE 

Yet, because he is black and misleadingly claimed to be 'from the ghetto', he enthralled the likes of Cameron and Johnson with his nonsensical views. It was patronising to think that because he was black, black voters would take him seriously. 

The Dame had a sandwich with him years ago and thought him a total tosser. 

And, talking of tossers along comes Laurence Fox, a junior mummer, whose sole contribution to the London debate is to cover the city with statues of  VC's....

All laudable stuff but hardly relevant to the issues facing a global mega city. 

So, that leaves us with the utterly hopeless 'Khan't do anything right'

It need not have been like this had the Conservative Party chosen someone of stature to win the Mayoralty.


  1. It might give him oxygen to revive his flagging acting career

  2. Some years ago, I was in disagreement with the council over how it handled certain of it's responsibilities. During a local election campaign, Shaun Bailey was out with a group of RBKC councillors. He followed me down the street shouting "Have you ever considered the possibility you may be wrong?" None of his colleagues stopped him. The issues I raised have yet to be addressed.

  3. Spot on sir, this city deserves a candidate capable of beating Khan. That candidate is sadly plainly not coming from the Conservatives - unless they do the decent thing: Throw Bailey in the bin.

  4. This idea that because someone is black they will attract black voters is really strange. Clever black people are like clever white people: they know a self promoting fraud when they see one


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