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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

You Could Not Make It Up!

In a ludicrous attempt to lie its way out of the scandal someone from Pooter's Truth and Propaganda Unit
claimed "The basis for the BBC's claim seems to be their possession of a leaked extract from a 2006 contract. Both the Royal Borough and NSL have told the BBC very firmly and repeatedly that our contract is in no way illegal.
"We told them that we amended our formal contract in July 2010. But it doesn't follow that the old contract terms continued in operation until then.

So the Council now admits that they used a quota system to maximise parking revenues. In doing so they adopted a blatantly dishonest way of raising revenue. Worse still is the impact that dishonesty had on business in the Borough. By harassing drivers the Council drove trade from retailers at the most
difficult of economic times.
So much for Conservatives supporting small business!
Click  on the link for Emma Heseltine's report K&C Chronicle
Take a good look at some of the NSL managers(below) our Leader does business with. What an attractive  bunch!

306,000 tickets...have you cleared it with Merrick?

An RBKC NSL Partner!

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  1. Spot the difference between them and Moylan...none really!


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