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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Glenys Roberts-A Real Leader

The Dame rarely pokes her nose over the fence into Westminster, but today she could not resist it.
Westminster is in the throes of finding a new leader and one of the names that keeps coming up is Glenys Roberts.
If you remember Cllr Glenys Roberts was that rare commodity- a councillor with common sense, integrity and courage.
She immediately saw the flaws in 'Boy' Rowley and Barrow Boys' parking strategy and did the right thing: the only thing and voted against it.
The Dame likes the sound of Cllr Roberts, so she did a little research and came up with this. Read it and you will see why Cllr Roberts is as she is. It is all about integrity
We need the likes of Cllr Roberts in the Rotten Borough. If the Dame could vote, Cllr Roberts would be the only choice. The other contenders are just windbags. The Dame hopes she succeeds. If she does Roberts will repair the huge reputational damage done to Westminster.

This is what she had to say announcing her campaign.....

Leader in Waiting
"This Wednesday I am conducting a daring experiment. Is it possible to stand for a major political post without succumbing to the culture of secrecy, doublespeak, cover ups, spin and downright lies which we have come to associate with politicians these days?"

The Dame thinks she means what she says.


  1. great article and perfect Leader material.Better than affected woman Roe

  2. Apparently they have ignored the Dame's advice and elected Philippa Roe.

  3. It is foolish to ignore the advice of our wise Dame. Roe was part of the problem. She supported Barrow Boy and Boy Rowley tooth and nail.
    The Dame is remarkable. Oh to be able to shake her hand

  4. And Concillor Roberts was our own Councillor Blakeman's Head Girl at school! What a missed opportunity.


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