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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Scrutiny Committee To Examine whether Pooter Cockell is 'Worth It'

A Typical Fat Cat Council Leader

The Rotten Borough have finally got around to setting up a Scrutiny Committe charged with deciding if Pooter is 'worth it'.  Terms of reference will then extend to other £100k a year plus Cabinet members-not the least lavishly rewarded, Baronessa Ritchie.
It transpires that, as ever, the dear old Dame is correct. 100 year old Dotty Weatherhead has taken over licensing boozers and thus gets £40,000 a year-or nearly £1000 per week...but we are the Royal Borough!
Buffy Buckmaster no longer does the job as he is about, on the advice of the Dame, to become Mayor. Still when he gives that up another well paid sinecure ( to pay for his luxury Colorado skiing trips) will come his way. That is what you get for greasing up to Pooter.
Back to the crux of it all...Pooter, our SuperGlue Leader. Pooter costs taxpayers £230 an hour. It's made up from his whacking great allowance and the establishment costs to pay for this superfluous, unqualified bag of wind. Is he worth it? Doubtless, the buffoon Palmer aka Up Yours will come to his aid...he generally does...poor Pooter to be defended by such an idiot! With friends like the buffoon who needs enemies.



  1. NO, he is not worth it

  2. Is a Rotten Borough scrutiny committee again about to examine RBKC? If so, judging from past performance, after detailed and careful examination of all the evidence and due deliberation, the Leader of the Council will be judged an Archangel come amongst us to waste our money while claiming a lack of it for the poor, the old and the infirm.

    There is worse. Such is the malign influence of RBKC on so-called independent external bodies, they too will beatify the Leader. Time is long overdue to sweep away the myth that local government in a rotten borough like this: is anything other than a racket for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

    Happily, The Dame is doing a great job at speeding up the process. May she live long and prosper. There is evidence of great concern in Hornton Street - but far too little too late. The metaphorical guillotine awaits. Off with their equally metaphorical heads!

  3. Isn't Christopher Buckmaster Chairman of Licencing?

    Doreen and Elizabeth Campbell are listed on the RBKC site as Vice-Chairman-doesn't look like they get anything for that.

    Doreen Weatherhead may well still be Chairman of RERC which has an SRA of about 6K.

    So if she isn't Chairman of Licencing and the Vice-Chairmen don't get an SRA then you've inflated her RBKC allowance by around 23,000....

  4. 16.07, Cllr Weatherhead is Chairman of Licensing.

    The Dame is quite right, this pensioner is enjoying a huge financial bonanza (£40k driven SRA) courtesy of the puppet master, Cllr Cockell

  5. Can someone who knows please clear up who gets what? Is Dotty i/c boozers or is Buffy?

  6. Dotty is doing the job now

  7. If some 'deep-dive' scrutiny found Cockell to be the devil incarnate, the overpaid and overstaffed mediaCONs would nonetheless convince the world that he was entering the gates of hell and sacrificing his soul for the benefit of the poor and needy. Then this would appear word for word in the Guardian and the MJ.

    So, when this Dame-inspired scrutiny is over, I suggest we focus our attention on some of the nonsense and spin our mediaCONs have come up with, because they really have surpassed themselves in the past year.


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