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Monday, 27 February 2012

"Upbeat message from affluent visitor": Pootin Cockell Marches Into Jarrow

A boastful message from Pootin Cockell regarding his trip to Jarrow and Hebden. He sent a link from the Jarrow& Hebden Gazette describing his visit, where he showed off to locals about his huge £130k pa allowance. You can read all about it under the rude comments link. Not content with making a local fool of himself, he now travels the UK doing so. What an embarrassment the man is!
So impressed were these country folk that the paper headlined his 'Royal' visit......
 "Upbeat message from affluent visitor, Sir Merrick Cockell!"
Yes! Seriously!
Anyway, the Dame wants to share the story; particularly the comments left by the men and women of Jarrow. Clearly, less than impressed, they had done their research and left a number of very funny rude comments
The Dame liked the bit when the journo wrote, " Sir Merrick is passionate about the arts"-as if he was some latter day Medici.
Anyway, he had a jolly nice day out patronising the locals. He was reported as having gone for a stroll along the Jarrow promenade with many 'locals' turning out to watch him 'strolling.'Someone should have told him that Jarrow folk are not taken in by poseurs like Pooter! They are tough: they are resilient and they don't like to be patronised by twerps.

Sir Pooter Cockell strolling on Jarrow Esplanade with admiring 'local' looking on.


  1. Dame. You are very hard on him. He has nothing to do in K&C and no one wants him there any way. He thinks that he might get a better reception with the Jarrow Marchers and he owes BT for two free courses in America. An awayday in the North East is a natural. Can the Dame tell me if he went there by Virgin Upper Class? I do hope that he is not letting standards slip. Geordies and Mackems have high standards.

  2. You got to read the comments on Pooter.
    These guys saw right through him!!

  3. It is a bit like BO in K&C. Everyone knows he has a problem, but is just hoping that someone else will tell him.

  4. I bet Pooter thinks BT will give him a non exec directorship

  5. Nauseous little man

    "My Borough is small, just five square miles" said Cllr Cockell, introducing himself to his Northern hosts.

    He has forgotten that he is a servant of the people and a little more humility would be fitting. "My Borough" is clearly the way the reptile thinks - his fiefdom

  6. What a total waste of space this Cockell is.

    Now it's processions around the country and feeling important

  7. Let us be thankful. The internet enables the residents of Jarrow direct access to the Evening Standard's views on Pooter's lax attitude towards his publicly funded expenses. Then thanks to The Hornet, we learn that his visit to the northern colony of Jarrow went down like a lead balloon.

    The days when such matters could be swept under the carpet are long gone. The world has changed. Sooner or later that change will sweep through the Rotten Borough.

  8. Of course this is an area of the country that RBKC Councillors know well as 3 current Councillors stood for Parliament, all in 2001 Ithink,in Gateshead, Hartlepool and South Shields


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