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Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Vulgar Exhibition....Opening Costs of £30,000 Plus

The Dame-though a touch common and vulgar herself-was horrified to hear those two social climbers Cllrs Cockell and Moylan had outdone themselves in the vulgarity stakes.
A council having to cut back on basic services might think it indelicate to spend thousands of pounds on a lavish opening of a road; one which has already cost taxpayers nearly £30 millions. But not so these two whose lifestyles are so generously funded by us poor taxpayers.
Sadly our two jumped up local councillors don't see life quite like that. Puffed up with their own self importance they ordered the best of everything at the Exhibition Road opening yesterday.
Young boy waiters glided around the spacious halls of Imperial College feeding 100 plus or so freeloading guzzlers with fine champagne and foie gras canapes.
Council Entertaining

And certain of our councillors seem to have a more than a passing interest in some of the young catering staff......par for the course, one supposes. We have rather a poor record when it comes to cllrs and an interest in youngish boys....

The Dame has been told that nearly £8,000 was wasted on catering. And it gets worse...the Welsh Guards band cost £4,000 and the teams of Presidential security  a further £3,000 and the vast number of marshals £6,000.
A Council that loves to burn our money
Into these calculations one has to factor in lost working time for all the various officers taking a half day off. And finally, we have the cost of the mechanical white elephant, the jugglers and the acrobats. That lot cost at least £3,000. So the whole afternoon cost at the lower end £20,000, but probably, with other hidden costs, £30,000. At a time when Pooter Cockell is preaching the need for council austerity he is happy to burn £30,000 on a few hours rather poorly organised entertainment. The sooner we have gentlemen running our council the better.


  1. I suspect it cost much more. Lucky Moylan was only caught kissing another cllr: he could have been distracted by some of the waiters.
    What a ghastly fellow he is.

  2. This story literally beggars belief. RBKC councillors have long felt entitled to throw other people's money on bonfires of their own vanity. They have now spent obscene amounts on "celebrating" the reopening of a road that was probably originally laid down and "opened" at the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851. In the hardest times any of us can remember, there is more than a hint of the last days of the court of King Louis XVI of France about all this. They have been warned.

  3. It is hard to believe this story.

    Who will do something about it?

  4. A political Leadership in Kensington Town Hall that is not connected to reality

    Not aware that a recession is underway

    Not sensitive to the pain caused by cutbacks to services for the elderly and infirm

    Not sensitive to public opinion

    In short, a political liability to the Conservative Party

  5. I wonder what Eric Pickles thinks about this scandalous waste of council tax?

  6. Why is MP Malcolm Rifkind standing back and allowing all this stupidity to carry on?

  7. I admire the way that Mr Cockell shows the rest of us by example how to be austere, tactful, responsible and statesman like. After all we all in this together!

    Austere means being careful with money. Tactful means being aware of the financial difficulties of people are going through at the moment. Responsible is being able to do the right thing without upsetting Eric Pickles (too much). Statesman like, well Mr Cockell does not know the meaning of the word.


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